Our Vision

CACHE shall promote the development of innovative programmes in agriculture, agribusiness and environmental education.

Our Mission

The Council’s mission shall be to promote cooperation among institutions of higher education in agriculture for enhancing sustainable agricultural development in the Caribbean within the framework of the Inter-American integration process.

Our Goals

The Council’s goals shall be the following:

  • Excellence in agricultural education.
  • Strengthening the capability of its member institutions to provide excellent higher education in agriculture.

Our Objectives

CACHE shall aim to achieve the following specific objectives:

  • Efficient use of human, physical and financial resources available throughout the tertiary education system in the Caribbean.
  • Improved and increased access to external resources.
  • Pooling of resources to provide consultancy and advisory services to both the public and private sectors.
  • Identification of regional needs for higher education in agriculture, agribusiness and environmental protection within a holistic framework.
  • Establishment of a communication network for the sharing of information and other resources.
  • Support for the various tertiary agricultural institutions of the English, Spanish, Dutch and French speaking Caribbean, for their institutional development.
  • Support for tertiary agricultural institutions for enhancing in any way possible the teaching of agricultural sciences and the conduct of research and consultancy activities.
  • Development and delivery of training seminars on strategic topics for higher education in agriculture.
  • Improved capabilities for publication in journals, magazines, newsletters, books and other literature relating to agricultural education.
  • Facilitation of access to modern means for distance learning.
  • Acquisition of concession, grants decrees, rights, powers and privileges from any sovereign government, state or authorities whatsoever, which would make CACHE capable of achieving its goals.
  • Sourcing of funds for achieving CACHE’s goals by means provided by Law, for which associations not limited by a share capital may raise funds.
  • Investment of monies nor immediately committed for CACHE’s programmed activities through securities of properties as may be thought fit, subject only to such conditions (if any) as may be imposed form time to time by Law.